Highlights From Scotland

UA students traveled to Scotland and were able to attend the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  They were able to go due to Undergraduate Research Grants and Study Abroad Grants! Check out the video here: https://vimeo.com/182430977 

Some feedback from the trip!

“What a great learning experience this class has been. I now feel like I am more well versed in preparing for a concert, knowing how to market and promote my work, and opening up to new movement vocabulary. From the beginning of the class I enjoyed learning what all goes into marketing a concert. First you need a website, biography information, fun photos to share with the public, attention grabbing flyers, etc. I did not know any of this information prior to taking this class. Although I still have a lot more to figure out, I feel more confident and prepared for the real world from having taken this course. In the sense of choreography, I was very grateful for the people who chose to go on this journey as well. Everyone is completely different in their own way, which was prevalent in each of our ‘personal’ sections of the concert. It was so inspiring to see how once we had a complete work there were similarities throughout the whole concert. It’s truly amazing how all of our work played hand in hand having come from such different backgrounds and training.”

~Katie Rose Carnes

“This trip has opened my eyes to the difficultly in marketing and promoting your own show. It is not enough to just create the perfect choreography. You have to prepare to broadcast you show. Things like fliers, posters, word of mouth, Facebook pages, websites, and clips of your work are all needed in order to get the audience you desire. You don’t want to be performing for an audience of ten when it should be an audience of sixty. This whole experience has been so helpful as I am now really able to understand all the work that goes into creating a show, promoting it, and dealing with issues/surprises. I believe that I will use all the information I gained from this experience and I am extremely grateful. I can’t thank my fellow peers and Mark and Sarah Barry enough for giving me insight into to the process of creating a show.

After this experience, I definitely don’t want to limit myself to just dancing locally. If there are opportunities for me overseas, I need to definitely consider them. I am much more willing to just see where life takes me. Dancing at the Fringe in Scotland boosted my confidence. It was incredible to be a part of something so significant during my college career and I only plan on expanding after college. I am still hoping to dance in a company one day, but not limiting myself to only certain companies. I hope The University of Alabama’s dance department continues to provide these wonderful opportunities. I am sure I will say this a bunch, but thank you so much for this experience!”

~Abigail Lee