Mission Statement

The mission of the Undergraduate Creativity and Research Academy is to provide support for achieving excellence in integrative research and creative activities by undergraduate students and their College faculty mentors and to highlight the outstanding contributions resulting from such activities.

Outcomes from the research and creative activities will be featured at the annual A&S Summit for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (spring semester) and are also expected to lead to dissemination beyond the University level.


Funding by UCRA is open to all undergraduate students and faculty collaborations within the College of Arts and Sciences, and there will be no priority given to students or faculty on the basis of the stage in their careers. UCRA encourages proposal submissions by all academic departments within the College.

The student-faculty research or activity effort must demonstrate that the level of student-experience is satisfactory to achieve success in the project outcomes and that the student has initiated or played a prominent role (depending on the standards of the respective discipline) in the project proposal and design. This will be evaluated on an individual basis based on the student experience and background as well as the faculty nomination letters.

Applying students must be supported by and seek guidance from a faculty member who agrees to serve as the advisor to the student on the creative activity or research project. Funding will be considered for any project-related need, with the exception of faculty or student salary, that will meet the goal of enhancing and stimulating undergraduate student creative or research activities in the College and University (i.e. travel, equipment, supplies, exhibition/presentation, conferences/meetings, etc.).


Funding requests up to $1000 will be considered, but requests should be reasonable. It is anticipated that funding from UCRA will enable applicants to achieve an advanced level of excellence in the proposed activity, provide a venue to showcase their work/outcomes, and enhance visibility and recognition of the outstanding undergraduate activities taking place in the College, University, and beyond.

Selection Criteria

The Committee will rate proposals and decide upon funding levels based on disciplinary affiliations. Points the committee will consider during the review, if applicable for the project:

  • Significance of research and/or creative activity
  • Clear plan for the work
  • Guided by a compelling question or creative idea
  • Intelligibly written for non-specialist
  • Interdisciplinary, if appropriate for the project
  • Could not be done without this funding
  • If previously funded by UCRA, a report on the outcome of the prior funding must be referenced (if already submitted)

Learn more about selection criteria on the UCRA Application page.