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An initiative of the College of Arts and Sciences, the ICUE helps students gain experience and explore areas of interest through international programs, community engagement, undergraduate research, and externships and internships. Watch this site for updates about special programs, opportunities, and meetings.

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Unlocking Neurological Insights: The ASSURE Program Journey of Josie Zachman

This ASSURE Program story showcases the incredible journey of Josie Zachman, a dedicated researcher whose investigation into neurological differences between autistic and neurotypical subjects yielded insightful findings. Guided by the support of her mentor, Dr. Rajesh Kana, and fellow researcher, Dr. Smitha Karavallil Achuthan, Josie embarked on a rigorous investigation utilizing fMRI data analysis techniques. Through the financial assistance provided by the ASSURE grant, Josie not only conducted groundbreaking research but also presented her findings at prestigious conferences, further contributing […]

ASSURE Grant: Fueling Research Success and Personal Growth for Riley Nold with One Published Work and Two Manuscripts in Progress

Riley Nold, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences and the ASSURE 2022 awardee, shares a captivating story on groundbreaking research conducted in collaboration with Dr. Adam Hauser, Associate Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. The story describes a series of accomplishments, including high-fidelity theoretical predictions, ultra-high vacuum chamber experiments, and the development of high-quality thin-films. The successful synthesis of Co2TiSn and TiN thin-films, as well as the computational analysis of Heusler alloys based on yttrium-tin, […]

HudsonAlpha BioTrain Internship

The BioTrain Internship program is in its 16th year of engaging students in engaging experiences in various positions across the Institute and our associated companies. This unique internship program accepts 20 – 30 interns each summer for a nine-week session that includes a week of Biotech Boot Camp, weekly professional development seminars, and eight weeks of employment for students. The 2024 BioTrain Internship session will be held from May 28 – July 26th. Area of interest Check out other available […]

ASSURE Program Presents Stories of Success

ASSURE program is introducing a series spotlighting the extraordinary success stories of undergraduate researchers from the College of Arts and Sciences. From scientific breakthroughs to social innovations, each publication highlights the passion and ingenuity of our students. Join us in celebrating their resilience and brilliance—because every research triumph is a step toward making a lasting impact on the world. Morgan Holder, pursuing dual majors in dance and English alongside a minor in the Blount Scholars Program, received funding through ASSURE […]


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What ICUE Students Are Doing

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A&S Student Lands D.C. Internships

Emily Smith has been hanging out along the Potomac for the past two summers, but not as a tourist.  As a participant of the 2022 A&S Professional Development Program in Washington, DC, Emily successfully used her connections and experience to land internships in Washington during the summers of 2022 and 2023.