Externship and Internship Process


Many internships have published deadlines that must be followed. Deadlines for summer internships may be as early as September, especially for government jobs.

The Search

ICUE and the UA Career Center offer seminars and individual appointments to assist students as they search for externships (shadowing) and internships.

  • Location
  • Financial costs vs support through scholarships, financial aid, external funding, or stipends
  • Paid vs unpaid positions
  • Academic credit or non-credit
  • Goal of experience:  experience, verifying career goals, application entry for professional schools or graduate schools

Searches include the use of Handshake, which is an electronic database of opportunities that can be filtered by major, career interest, location, type of work (internship vs job), etc. Any UA student has access their account through the Career Center’s website. In addition, opportunities may be discovered through discussion with faculty and staff. Many students find that their parents or their parent’s friends are excellent resources.


Preparation for these experiences includes updating the resume to make sure it is appropriate for the positions a student is considering. Assistance with resumes is available from the Career Center through seminars or individual appointments that may be scheduled through Handshake. Information is also included in the Career Guide that is available in printed form or online.


Students need to identify at least three references so that they are prepared once their application is reviewed. References should include professionals who know the student either personally or professionally. It is helpful to provide the reference with an updated resume and even a summary of what the student is seeking. It takes time to build these relationships so students should get to know their professors, advisors, and staff as soon as possible once they enter UA.