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Student Leadership

The College of Arts & Sciences connects students with leadership roles and opportunities that facilitate personal growth and skill development.


Make an impact on the campus community through a student leadership program.

  • A&S Ambassadors

    A&S Ambassadors promote excellence through community involvement and engagement with future students and alumni.

  • Blount Scholars Program

    The Blount Scholars Program is a selective, four-year living-learning community featuring small, seminar-style classes, intensive interaction with faculty, and an integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum leading to a minor in liberal arts.

  • Bama Bound Peer Advisors

    Peer advisors have one-on-one conversations with incoming students at Bama Bound, and they assist with advising, events, and recruitment during the school year.

  • Crimson Crew

    The Crimson Crew provides work-study-eligible students with group training, seminars, and events to help them practice skills and learn about professional opportunities.

  • Parker-Adams Fellows Program

    The Parker-Adams program is a freshman living-learning community designed to foster academic and personal success.